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Business As Usual In The Hudson Valley

Business insurance can come in many shapes and forms, but the most common policy for small business - especially Main Street type businesses - is the BOP (Business Owners Policy).

Hudson Valley Agents writes streamlined New York business owners insurance policies through many of our partner carriers and that gives us a big leg up on our competition. These policies combine standard business liability insurance with coverage for business contents, equipment, buildings, and much more to form a die-hard coverall policy.

BOP's can be customized depending on whether you rent or own your space, and they offer important coverage including loss of income, spoilage, and theft. By bundling many of the insurances for your business on one BOP, your business will likely save substantially on insurance premiums.


Be proactive and comprehensive. A business owner package consolidates a number of commercial insurance policies into one to save time, money and increase efficiency. Why focus on administrative tasks and paperwork when you can focus on the company? Consult with our independent agents to find policies and coverage that works for you.

The best thing in the commercial insurance industry since sliced bread. The BOP! Great for almost all businesses from contractors to restaurants and everything in between.

Own a multi story building with apartments and or mercantile tenants? Click here to start your journey to better rates now.

Are you a contractor, a vendor, an event organizer, or anyone else that needs a stand alone liability policy that can be customized to add property to as well? Click here to end your insurance suffering.

Workers Compensation, Paid Family Leave, & Disability, are compulsive in NY, and we're here to help you navigate this sometimes complex suite of coverages.

From Tractor Trailers to Pick Up Trucks, and everything in between, we got you covered

Why pay too much for your craft operations because you took the first policy available when you opened up? Let us review and shop this important insurance suite for your business with several of our niche carriers.

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