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Insurance For Hudson Valley Distilleries

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

January 14, 2022

Our valley is home to some of the finest distilleries in the country. We’re talking about places like Speakeasy Motors Whiskey Company, Taconic Distillery, and Hudson Whiskey, to name a few. Sipping a fine bourbon from the distillery up the road is a big part of the Hudson Valley experience.

The insurance needs of our Hudson Valley distilleries are very different from the average business owner’s policy. Your average cookie-cutter policy will leave you dangerously under insured, leaving you with crippling debt or closing the doors for good.

Here are some of the gaps that might be lurking in your current policy.




•Coverage for damage to your outbuildings.

•Coverage for foundations and underground pipes.

•Brand and Label coverage.

•Key replacement, lock repair.

•Food contamination.


•Marring and scratching.

•Money and securities.

We could continue with this list, but why waste your time. There is a much faster way to get our point across; let’s talk.

For the best insurance for your Hudson Valley distillery, grab your insurance policy, grab your phone, and call David at 845-778-2141. No time to talk? Click here to do it online.

Protecting your business is our business with things like Key Person insurance, real-time workers comp, fast certificates of insurance for when you take your show on the road. We’re here to make it all more manageable and more affordable for you and your business.

Drink responsibly and locally. Shop local. Insure local.

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