Winterize Your Yard and Protect Your Home

The temperature is dropping, just like the leaves.  While raking the sea of red and gold off your lawn is one of the major chores homeowners face each fall, often times some others fall off the radar. Hudson Valley Agents offer up a few timely reminders to help you get your Walden, NY home ready for winter while protecting it and you from potential damage.

Winterize Your Water Spigots

Make sure to turn off the valve supplying exterior water spigots from inside your basement or house and then open the spigot. During those mid-January cold snaps, a water pipe that is located near the exterior of the house and still has water in it can freeze and burst.  This has the potential to cause significant water damage to your home and require expensive plumbing repairs.

Store All Your Tools Inside

It’s convenient to keep the hoses, rakes ad shovels nearby while the gardening season is in full swing. However, it’s easy to trip and fall on a yard implement hidden beneath a blanket of leaves or dusting of snow. When they are neatly placed in the shed you will save your ankles during a snow storm and know right where they are in the Spring.

Clean Out the Gutters

It’s one of the nastiest chores that we’d rather forget. But a gutter that is clogged with leaves, mud and debris is much more likely to create an ice dam after a heavy snow storm–and then the damage is done. Save your roof and walls by getting up on the ladder and clearing those gutters.

Find the Shovels and Salt Now

Locating last year’s stash of ice control tools now can save you a headache and a sore bottom after that first big storm of the season.

For more tips on protecting your home year round, contact your agent at Hudson Valley Agents serving the Walden, NY area.