Why You Might Want to Keep a Teen on Your Auto Insurance

If you have a teen driver in your Walden, NY, home, the initial impulse may be to get them a car and their own insurance. And, why not? Independence is the American way.  Every teen wants to be able to drive around town without their parents. They will need their own auto insurance policy, right? Well, not so fast. There are some possible downsides to letting a teen go it alone when it comes to auto insurance.  Hudson Valley Agents is here to help.

Higher Accident Rates

When insurance actuaries calculate prices for policies, they take into consideration auto accident rates. Quite simply, teens are a very high risk. They are the most likely demographic to  end up in a road accident. These odds rise exponentially when more than one teen is in the car together without adult supervision.

So, if you have a teen driver expect to pay more on insurance.

Keep Them on Your Auto Insurance

A simple way to mitigate the cost of insuring a teen driver is to keep them on your family plan. Your own sterling driving record will help keep the cost lower than the extremely high costs often associated with insuring a teen.

Yes, it is likely that you will be paying a bit more in general; however, bundling them onto your already existing account or buying a new family policy can lead to lower overall payments than are usual for those who have separate teen policies.

Start Searching Today

The best way to find out how much you can save with this method is to search online using a convenient Walden, NY, rate calculator. You will receive a fast quote on how much a comprehensive auto insurance policy for you and your teen will cost. Contact Hudson Valley Agents today!