Why should I use an independent insurance agent?

why should i use an independent agent

Choosing your insurance coverage based on an advertisement offering free, online, anonymous quotes doesn’t seem on the up and up does it?  Can you be absolutely sure that you will have the coverage you need?  Will your rates increase once that anonymous quote turns into harsh reality?  Your family’s insurance needs are not commodities, insurance is asset protection and making sure your assets are properly protected cannot be done with an anonymous quote.

An independent insurance agent can offer you these 7 things

  • Correct interpretation of insurance jargon (do you speak insurance fluently?)
  • Your independent insurance agent is your advocate to the insurance company  (do you know how to get the insurance company to do the things they need to do?)
  • Can ensure the quality of your coverage (most independent agents will not work with companies that offer poor coverage)
  • Can help you understand the legally binding contract that is your insurance policy (both you and the insurance company must adhere to the contract, did you know that?)
  • Understands NYS insurance requirements (that online company might not, it might not even carry NYS insurance coverage)
  • Keep your money local (HVA is a small business in the Hudson Valley and works with many NYS based insurance companies)
  • Can shop around to get you a better rate (HVA works with many insurance companies and can accurately compare coverage and cost to find the best insurance fit for your family)

Buying insurance online seems like a great idea, but the reality is that your online insurance policy could leave you under-insured.  Call Hudson Valley Agents today and find out all of the ways you can #insurelocal and affordably insure your home, car, and business.