What does insurance have to do with the Super Bowl?


The Super Bowl (or Superbowl) is one of “America’s Drunkest Days” according to Forbes.com and there is a lot of truth behind that statement.  In 2015, NYS Troopers made 31 DWI arrests and handed out 1,400 tickets on Super Bowl Sunday.  Considering the fact that American’s are expected to consume roughly 325 gallons of beer this Sunday, I’m actually surprised that last year’s statistics are as low as they are.  The average cost of a DWI conviction for a first time offender in NY is almost $10,000.  Your car insurance premiums will increase and drive that number even higher.  Uber has teamed up with MADD has a promo code to be used on Super Bowl Sunday.  For every person who uses the promo code “thinkandride” Uber will donate $1 dollar to MADD.  It can only be used between 3 pm and 12 pm EST.

American’s will consume close to 1.23 million chicken wings and approximately 9 million pizzas on Super Bowl Sunday.  Now, add to that, gallons of guacamole, chips, and any other junk food you could dream up and watch our bellies grow.  Obesity, like smoking, could cause your health insurance costs to skyrocket.

If you plan on serving alcohol at Sunday’s party you should give your insurance agent a call to find out if you are fully covered for any injuries to your guests or damage to that brand new television you bought just for the game.  You should also ask your insurance agent about social host liability too.  Always serve alcohol responsibly and have the phone number of a local taxi service on hand.

So stay safe this weekend Hudson Valley, enjoy the Super Bowl no matter who wins and please drink responsibly and drive safely!