What can you do about road rage?

road rage dont drive angry

Summertime fun almost always means getting into your car; you can’t take a road trip without one!  When our roads fill up with holiday travelers there is always that one driver who cannot seem to stop tailgating, flashing their lights, or driving aggressively isn’t there?  That driver has road rage, and incidents of road rage can become dangerous.

Road rage was once thought of as something only men dealt with, but instances of road rage by women are on the rise.  It seems that everyone, and we mean EVERYONE, is capable of road rage these days, and when you are the target of someone’s road rage, there is only one thing that you can do – ignore it.  There are other ways of coping with both ends of the road rage cycle:

  • Remind yourself that this too shall pass.  You will not be behind the car that just cut you off forever, remain calm and eventually they’ll just be a bad memory.
  • Never engage.  Just because the angry driver in front of you flipped you off and insulted your mother does not mean that you need to reciprocate, pop in that Frozen soundtrack and start singing “Let It Go”
  • Remember that you do not own the road!  If the person in front of you is really not trying to make you late, if they are driving slowly there is usually a reason for it.  Take deep breaths and pass when it is legal and safe to do so.

Don’t let road rage ruin your next road trip!  Keep calm and drive on, leave that road rage stress on the highway behind you.  Remember that some instances of road rage are also viewed as aggressive driving and you can and will be ticketed for it.  For further information on how road rage could impact your car insurance costs please contact Dave Jr at Hudson Valley Agents today, 845-778-2141.  #insurelocal