Welcome to Walden NY!


I find myself working from Hudson Valley Agent’s Walden office so I decided to use my social media privileges and wander around the village looking for things to photograph.

walden 7

Some of you may remember a certain WPDH disk jockey who used to make fun of this sleepy little place. Bob Wolf was his name and poking fun at Walden was part of his game. Now, to be completely honest, Walden’s iconic Thruway Market did not help the village’s reputation, they advertised “varmint guns” for crying out loud!

walden collage

All that seems to have changed and the village of Walden is thriving and surviving and thriving quite nicely. Walden is even the off-season home of the Big Apple Circus!  Stop by HVA for an insurance quote and then take the time to walk around Walden, you’ll be really happy you did!