Wedding Insurance – call HVA before your big day!

HVA wedding insurance

Summer weddings are great aren’t they? You get to celebrate your special day outside with a huge party and you get to wear a gorgeous dress to boot. Nothing could possibly go wrong, right? WRONG!

Weddings seem to fall into two categories – heaven or hell. It does not matter how meticulously you planned your big day because the law of averages states that something will inevitably go wrong. The caterer runs out of canape’s – survivable. The photographer breaks down on the way to the ceremony –semi- survivable. Your bridesmaid spills her Cosmo on your dress minutes before the ceremony – NO SURVIVORS! What if I told you that you could purchase wedding insurance that would help take the sting out of some of these disasters, would you consider buying it?

Wedding insurance (also known as special event insurance) can cover many of the pitfalls that you could face on your special day.

Extreme weather – If you’ve had your heart set on an outdoor wedding and there is a hurricane you can be reimbursed some of the costs.

Wedding attire – Should your gown or his tuxedo become ruined during your special day this could cover the cost of repair and or replacement.

Liability – When you combine high heels, cocktails, and an outdoor setting someone is bound to fall down and possibly hurt themselves.

Military service – If the bride or groom happens to be in the US military and are shipped out before the big day this can help you recoup some of those non-refundable expenses.

Illness – Should you or any member of your wedding party become too ill to attend this could help with the costs or rescheduling the event.

Gift coverage – Should any of the wedding gifts become damaged or stolen during the big event this will help replace them.

Change of heart – If either of you happens to decide that wedded bliss just isn’t in the cards then this can help recoup some of those non-refundable deposits.

Some of the things listed above are already covered by your homeowners/renters insurance, others might be covered by the venue itself so before you decide to purchase wedding insurance it is important to sit down with a local independent insurance agent to see what coverage best fits your big day.

Enjoy your special day and don’t sweat the small stuff. Let Hudson Valley Agents insure every aspect of your new lives together as husband and wife. The money you save can go towards a second honeymoon or a really great first anniversary trip! Call HVA today!