Tricks and Treats in the Hudson Valley


The day after Halloween is one of the busiest days in our office.  November 1 is the day we field phone calls from our insureds who’s homes and cars have been damaged by Halloween pranksters.  There are steps you can take to prevent damage to your home:

  • Use LED candles instead of real ones in your Jack O’Laterns and bring them inside once you’ve stopped handing out candy.
  • Make sure all walkways are well lit to help little ghosts and ghouls find their way and prevent falls.
  • Park all cars, bikes, and motorcycles inside of your garage.
  • Leave outdoor lighting on all night long.  A well-lit home is an undamaged home.

If you wake up and find that your home or car has been damaged (toilet paper in your trees, eggs smashed on your car, mangled mailbox, or a flour covered front porch) make a policy report and call your insurance agent.  Most homeowners policies cover this type of damage but speak to your agent first; you might want to consider paying for it out of pocket.

Halloween in the Hudson Valley isn’t all about preventing teens from toilet papering your trees; it’s about Halloween candy!  Recently we shared a post about the most popular Halloween candies in America; each state was listed, and New York’s favorite is supposed to be Sweet Tarts.  That just didn’t sound right to us, so we got in touch with Diane at the Kingston Candy Bar.  Her best-selling products right now are –

kcb-zombie-pops Zombie Pops

kcb-spell-book Marshmellow Spell Book

So, which would you rather have, Sweet Tarts or Zombie Pops?  We’re betting on Zombie Pops.

Enjoy your Halloween Hudson Valley!  #shoplocal  #insurelocal  #HudsonValleyAgents  #HalloweenintheHudsonValley



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