Today is National Dog Day!

dog collage

Happy National Dog Day Hudson Valley! Dogs are good for your health, good for your soul, and can break your heart when they leave you. Through all the joy, trips to the vet, and walks in the pouring rain they remain your constant loving and loyal companions. They don’t care if you have stinky breath, or if your house is a mess, they just want to spend time with you. Oh and cookies, dogs want cookies too.


If you’re thinking of bringing a dog into your home please consider adopting. So many wonderful dogs (and cats too) are housed in our local shelters and they desperately need loving forever homes. The Dutchess county SPCA, Ulster county SPCA, and Hudson Valley SPCA have websites you can check out before heading out to adopt. If you rent you’ll need to have a contact number for your landlord, if you have had a pet before they’ll want to know the name of your previous veterinarian. These shelters do all that they can to ensure that their charges never end up in a shelter environment again.

Dogs need food, water, shelter, love, and a couch to sleep on. The couch is non-negotiable. In return for these things they will guard your home from the UPS man and any leaves that happen to blow across the yard. Dogs need to be walked, they need to be walked when it is raining, they need to be walked when it is snowing, and this need forces us to actually get up and get moving too. They require petting, rubbing, and snuggling too (hence the non-negotiable couch) and these are activities that lower our stress levels and our blood pressure too.


Many of you are aware of the “bad dog” list that many insurance companies have. If you have concerns about your renters insurance or your homeowners insurance canceling your current insurance policy if you adopt a shelter dog then you obviously do not have Hudson Valley Agents as your insurance agent! We work with many New York state based insurance companies and can make sure that you have great insurance coverage that allows you to keep your new best friend! HVA is the Hudson Valley’s best dog friendly insurance agency.

So celebrate National Dog Day with your dog and explore all the dog friendly things that they Hudson Valley has to offer. Shop local, adopt local, and insure local with HVA!