Tired of insurance commercials? Then stop paying for them!

tired of insurance commercials

Maybe I’m a bit of a curmudgeon when it comes to insurance. I want to sit down with an actual human being and discuss what my insurance covers and what it doesn’t. If I have to enter into a contract with an insurance company I want to understand what it is I am signing. If I have to make a claim I want to know the person who is my advocate. I don’t want to navigate the insurance maze without knowing the person who is plotting the course. For me insurance is a matter of trust and I don’t trust talking geckos with large advertising budgets!

Large insurance companies have large advertising budgets and I find myself wondering just how much of your insurance premium is paying for all that advertising. I don’t want to fund more insurance commercials, I just want the right amount of insurance coverage for a fair and reasonable price, why does it seem that this is too much to ask for? It isn’t. Hudson Valley Agents does not have a large adverting budget and neither do the insurance companies they work with. You might not recognize the names of some of the insurance companies they work with and is that really such a bad thing? Companies like Mapfre, Preferred Mutual, Trusted Choice, and Mercury are not interested in flooding the air waves with their mindless jingles, they are interested in providing quality insurance at fair prices.

When you purchase an insurance policy from HVA you get more than just low cost NY insurance. Your premium gets you outstanding insurance coverage, an insurance agent who acts as your advocate, and you don’t get singing quarterbacks. I have car insurance through Mapfre and I love the fact that I never, ever hear their name on my computer, television, or radio. I know that if I ever have to make a claim that it will be paid promptly and if it is not my insurance agent will find out why and fix it. Knowing this helps me sleep better at night and couldn’t we all use a good nights sleep?

If you are sick and tired of insurance jingles that stick in your head then stop funding them. Put your trust in the Hudson Valley’s best independent insurance agency and get a good night’s sleep.  Insure local, call Hudson Valley Agents today.