Tips for driving on Hudson Valley highways

tips for driving hv highways

Today’s blog post is going up much later than it usually does and that’s because I had to take a little road trip to visit a family member in Middletown. Normally I avoid taking the NYS Thruway to Route 84 but with construction and such the highways seemed like a better bet. I lost that bet.

Traveling the highways of the Hudson Valley is usually easy (with the exception of Route 17 from Goshen on) but today must have been national bad driver day because this trip was straight out of a Stephen King novel. So today’s blog topic is all about tips for driving on highways, more specifically it is for the guy in the red Honda Civic who was weaving in and out of traffic while talking on his cell phone and eating a burger.


2 – If you must speak on the phone use a blue tooth device and not your hands.

3 – Turn signals must be used when you exit the highway and when you change lanes.

4 – The right lane is for driving the left lane is for passing.

5 – Racing another driver is never a good idea (especially in a 199? Honda)

6 – If the speed limit is 65 and you choose to drive 45 please put your flashers on.

It only takes one person to make a mistake while driving on a highway/freeway/thruway to make traffic come to a complete stop. Make sure you aren’t that one person! If you are going to be traveling on an unfamiliar highway then use the navigation system in your car or on your smart phone. You can also try an app called Waze which alerts you to traffic conditions and even lets you know if there is a disabled car on the side of the road ahead of you.

According to a 2009 story by National Public Radio there are fewer accidents on rural roads than highways. The story goes on to state that 2.5 more fatalities on rural roads than highways, and I can’t help but wonder why this is.

There are websites that give you an idea of what the traffic is like on the routes you plan on taking, is a good place to start. Using navigational systems are also great traffic avoidance tools too. Stay safe as you travel through the Hudson Valley please and make sure you have low cost NY insurance from Hudson Valley Agents.  Enjoy the scenery, drive the speed limit, and if you happen to see a guy in a red 199? Honda Civic and he’s still weaving in and out of traffic while talking on his phone and eating a burger, get away from him as quickly and safely as you can. Nothing good comes from his driving!