Three Ways to Protect Your Home From Malicious Actions

Owning a home in Walden, NY, is a beautiful feeling, but it comes with its share of responsibilities and concerns. You want to be protected against ill-intentioned individuals. Thankfully, Hudson Valley Agents is experienced in these things, so here is a simple list of things you can do to make your home safer.

Control Visibility

To reduce the risk of burglary, it helps to think like a burglar. A potential robber prefers a target where it is easy to hide when necessary. They also choose targets based on what they can steal, so try to minimize how visible your most valuable possessions are. Simply drawing the blinds can go a long way, and maintaining the hedges or shrubs to reduce hiding spaces creates a strong deterrent. Spotlights on a motion sensor have also been shown to decrease risks of both burglary and vandalism.

Manage Points of Entry

Most malicious individuals gain access to a home through an unsecured point of entry. Unlocked doors and windows are the primary culprits. There are a few simple solutions. Deadbolts make doors very unappealing for anyone who doesn’t want to get caught forcing entry, and reinforcing glass adjacent to exterior doors is an absolute necessity. All windows should have good locks, but adding motion detectors and an alarm system goes a long way. In general, alarm systems are often a trade-off between convenience and safety, but it may help to know that in some cases they can lower your insurance payments.

Know Your Insurance

Speaking of insurance, comprehensive coverage is the easiest and most reliable way to protect yourself. Ultimately, you can’t take the risk of burglary all the way to zero. Take the time to understand your policy, and don’t be afraid to talk to your Hudson Valley Agents. You can make sure you are covered for damage to your Walden, NY, home, well as against a loss of valuables inside.