The how’s & why’s of car insurance rates

why did car ins increase

I realize that I have written countless blogs about the how’s and why’s of car insurance rates but a conversation with one of my regular readers has reminded me that not everyone knows this information. Our conversation went something like this – “Hey, State Farm just upped my car insurance by $200 a year! I have no speeding tickets and no accidents on my driving record so why the heck did my rates go up?” (them) “Well has your credit score changed? Have you made several small claims recently? You also went from driving an old Chevy beater car to an older model Lexus, didn’t your insurance agent tell you that these things might drive up your rates?” (me)

When you are talking about car insurance rates you need to talk about ALL of the things that could cause your rates to rise. Let’s look at the things that drive up your insurance rates –

  • If your credit rating recently dropped
  • If you have made multiple claims to fix small things (like dings and dents)
  • If you bought a car that costs more to repair than your previous car did
  • If you have an abundance of tickets for moving violations
  • If you switched jobs and have a longer commute
  • If you moved to a different town/city/state/county

Your car insurance rates are based on several different things and if any of these things changes you could be looking at a higher rate

  • Your driving record (moving violations, DWI’s and DUI’s can cause high rates)
  • Where you live (Orange county has more reported accidents than Ulster county)
  • What you drive (It costs more to repair a Lexus than it does a Chevy)
  • How far you commute to work (longer commute means higher rates)
  • Your age (younger drivers tend to pay more)
  • Your credit rating (a low credit score means higher insurance rates)

Any online insurance company that promises you great rates based on an anonymous quote cannot and will not get you the correct amount of insurance coverage! How do you know how much insurance you need? Good question and the only way to answer it is to tell you to speak to an insurance professional!

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