The Financial Cost Of Distracted Driving In NYS

Our recent road trip to Albany began at Exit 19 on the NYS Thruway. From the time we merged onto the Thruway until we reached Exit 22, my passenger (copilot) counted 14 people texting/talking/looking at their phones. That’s when she stopped counting.

The Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee defines distracted driving as this –

“According to a study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), driver inattention is defined as one of the following:

  1. Driver engagement in secondary tasks (those tasks not necessary to the primary task of driving)
  2. Driver drowsiness
  3. Driving-related inattention to the forward roadway
  4. Non-specific eye glance away from the forward roadway.”

Checking on your toddler, applying lipstick, drinking your morning cup of coffee, changing the radio station, or picking up your phone can count as distracted driving. Out of all of these things, the most significant culprit is your phone.

Let us talk about the financial impact of distracted driving.

If you should be caught using your phone while driving, you can expect the following things to occur:

1- If convicted, you will be charged a fine of anywhere between $50 – $200, this does not include court surcharges that can be as high as $100.

2- If convicted, you will have 5 points added to your driver’s license. Eleven points earns you a suspended license.

3- If convicted, your car insurance rates will increase exponentially. We’re talking astronomically high insurance rates.

There are several apps that help parents handle their teen’s distracted driving, and they are helpful, but nothing beats teaching by example.

We love our clients, and that’s why we want the best for them. So, please put down the phone when you are behind the wheel. Drive safe Hudson Valley. #itcanwait #carinsurance #HudsonValleyInsurance #distracteddriving