Thanksgiving safety tips for the Hudson Valley

Thanksgiving is a mere 14 days away and Christmas is 32 days away.  Is your homeowners insurance ready for the influx of relatives, the cooking, the gift shopping, the parties, the decorations, as well as the normal chaos that comes with day to day life?

Thanksgiving is the start of a holiday cycle that does not end until January 2, and ensuring that your family fun is fully covered can make recovering from any holiday disaster quick and painless.

Follow these tips for a safe holiday season:

  • Never, ever leave the stove unattended while cooking.
  • Never, never, ever put a frozen or wet turkey into a turkey fryer.
  • Use extra precaution when driving, especially the day before Thanksgiving.
  • Have the phone number for a cab company ready or install the Lyft app on your phone, this makes it easier for tipsy guests to get home safely.
  • Use caution around candles or invest in LED candles.
  • Always sand or salt driveways and walkways during inclement weather.

Here are a few of the things we wish insurance covered during the holiday season:

  • Overcooked turkey
  • Undercooked pie crust
  • Holiday traffic
  • That one Uncle that insists on drinking a fourth glass of wine and discussing politics.
  • Being exiled to “the kids table”

We hope that your holiday season begins and ends with a smile.  Be safe, enjoy yourself, and make sure you have the best insurance coverage for your life and everything in it.

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