Thanksgiving can be dangerous!

HVA thanksgiving can be dangerous

Howdy Hudson Valley!  There are only 8 more days until we head over the river and through the woods for a Thanksgiving feast and we had better be on our guard all day long.  Thanksgiving can be a dangerous day and we aren’t just referring to the damage it does to our waistlines!

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest days for fire departments due to all of the kitchen and turkey fryer fires.  The kitchen fires I can understand, too many things on the stove, family and friends ringing the door bell, little one’s running around, and before you know it you’ve burned the gravy and the kitchen curtains too.  I can still remember the year my mother melted all of her Tupperware because she forgot to take it out of the oven (we had a small kitchen & used the oven for storage) before preheating it for the turkey.  I’m way too afraid of bubbling vats of hot oil to even consider frying a turkey so I’ll never understand just how one could possibly catch on fire.  Thankfully the smart folks at the Red Cross have a helpful video with turkey fryer safety tips –


Thanksgiving day is also a pretty deadly day for driving too, according to AAA almost 47 million people will be traveling on Thanksgiving day and not everyone will be flying, most will be driving.  Rushing to get to Aunt Agnes’s house before Uncle Dan eats all of the skin off of the turkey probably isn’t such a great idea.  And that third glass of Aunt Judy’s homemade dandelion wine before you make that two-hour drive home isn’t any better.

Those of us who believe in eating, drinking, and making merry on Thanksgiving could be increasing our risk of a Thanksgiving heart attack.  We stuff our faces, indulge (over) in wine and spirits, and in between all of that we argue about politics and football.  It is no wonder that the risk of having a heart attack increases exponentially on Thanksgiving day.

I learned a very important lesson while researching items for today’s blog post and that lesson is this – I have my homeowners, car and health insurance through Hudson Valley Agents so I’m prepared for anything!