TBT- Feeling nostalgic for the 1980’s

davids old license

I have been a bit nostalgic lately, perhaps the cause is our peerless leader, Dave Jr and his impending 50th birthday?  Reaching Level 50 (yes, that is how Dave refers to his upcoming birthday) does make you reflect.  Both Dave Jr and I were teenagers in Orange county in the bad old 1980’s, a decade known for bad hair, neon colors, and MTV.  When I look back on the things we wore/said/listened to I sometimes cringe with horror but I almost always smile.

my hs pic

I think that every teenager in the 80’s thought that high school really would be like a John Hughes movie.  Our collective angst was given the Hollywood glamor treatment in the movie The Breakfast Club and we all wanted to be Pretty In Pink.  We wore our hair high and I think every single girl I went to high school with has their own Aqua Net disaster story to tell.

orange plaza

I, like every other teenager in Orange county, spent way too much time in the Orange Plaza.  If I wasn’t working there I was shopping or just hanging out.  What else was there to do?

Thinking back on the bad old 80’s can be fun but all too often it reminds me that I am an adult now and can no longer truly rock out to Boy George without expecting serious eye rolls from my daughter.  Being a teen in the 1980’s was the best but I truly believe that being 40+ is actually better.  In 1985 Dave Jr drove a Pontiac Fiero, now he drives a 2014 Infiniti.  In 1985,  he would have laughed at the idea of buying life insurance and in 2016 he finds himself wondering if he has enough life insurance. In 1985 he drank Zima, in 2016, he’s drinking 15-year-old MaCallan’s scotch.  My how thing change!

Were you a Hudson Valley teen in the 1980’s?  Share your memories and photos with us, we’ll put on some Wham and dance with you!