Take a cruise on the Hudson river

hudson river cruising

Monday’s are the worst aren’t they? Especially when your Saturday and Sunday were absolutely perfect, great weather, amusing companions, and zero housework. My Saturday was spent indulging in some pretty terrific barbecue at Kingston’s newest restaurant – Ole Savannah (the Gin & Jam is a must and so are the fried green tomatoes) and then a short Hudson River cruise on the Rip Van Winkle. Cruising the Hudson River is something that every Hudson Valley resident must do at least once in their lives, unless you have your own river worthy water craft that is. After a short nap we headed across the river to Upstate films (real popcorn with real butter and iced coffee too) to catch Sir Ian McKellen in Mr Holmes. Sunday was just a lazier version of Saturday with more naps and less driving. The highlight of the weekend was definitely the Hudson River cruise.

The Rip Van Winkle can be found on the Kingston waterfront, where the Rondout creek meets the Hudson River. This is a relatively short cruise and make sure you bring sunblock!! (I didn’t and I’m still bright red) The ship’s captain give out informational tidbits about the lighthouses and historic homes that you see as you glide along and even stops the cruise to when a bald eagle came to rest on a shoreline pine tree. This is a terrific way to explore the Hudson River and learn about the many different historical homes and lighthouses that dot its shore.

This is not the only Hudson River cruise line in the Hudson Valley. Orange county has the River Rose, Dutchess county has the Empire cruise line, or head to New York City and take a 6 or 7 night cruise up the Hudson River and back again on one of the American Cruise Line ships. It doesn’t matter how you cruise the Hudson River, just cruise it!

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