Staying Safe on your Bike and in Your Car in Walden, NY

Bicyclists are always vulnerable to cars hitting them, but there are ways for them to protect themselves. The same goes for driver’s being vulnerable to hitting bicyclists who aren’t being aware of the other while on the road. Below are some basic tips for driver’s and bicyclists alike to ensure that neither come into physical contact with each other while going from place to place.


When riding a bike, assume that cars aren’t paying attention to you and they won’t pay attention to you. This means you probably need to get their attention while riding or just slow down and let them get out of your way. Don’t assume that person isn’t going to turn right in front of you since they don’t have their signal on, or run that stop sign as you are going through the intersection. In short, this is basically defensive bike riding, protecting yourself rather than trying to ride as fast you can and beat all the traffic around you.

You will also want to make sure you have all the right safety accessories. This ranges from lights to a helmet to bright colored clothing that will make you stand out to other motorists so they do see you coming the other way or up beside them.


The last thing you want to do is hit a bicyclist, so it’s important to be patient if they are in your lane and slowing you down. They should try to get over when they can and the slow down they will cause you is mere seconds and not worth risking their lives over. Also assume the rider could lose their balance and fall in front of you at any moment, even if they look like a good bike rider. So reduce your speed so if this happens you can stop on a dime. Still, accidents do happen and it’s critical you have a good auto insurance policy like one with Hudson Valley Agents who serves the greater Walden, NY area. This way you can protect yourself, your vehicle and the cost of medical treatment if you do end up having an accident with a cyclist.