Spiders in the Hudson Valley


This not so little spider has set up housekeeping on our social media manager’s back porch.  Kudos to her for overcoming her arachnophobia long enough to take this photo!  Believe it or not, spiders are a vital part of our ecosystem and should be looked upon with thanks instead of this –

kill it with fire

Hudson Valley Agents cannot recommend the “kill it with fire” option, and we feel compelled to inform you that your homeowner’s insurance probably won’t cover the fire option of spider removal, although we are sure they are just as creeped out by spiders as we are.  Regarding insurance, coexisting is your best bet.

Contrary to popular belief, most outdoor spiders do not seek the comfort of your home when the weather in the Hudson Valley starts to cool off.  There are house spiders and outdoor spiders and rarely do the two meet.  This article from burkemuseum.org explains this much better than we ever could so click on the link for more info.

We need spiders.  We need them to eat Zika carrying mosquitos and the pests that eat our crops and if that isn’t a case for leaving them to do what they need to do we don’t know what is.

Enjoy your Labor day weekend Hudson Valley, and if you come across spider webs while doing yard work just leave them be.  You can tell your neighbors that you are doing a little pre-Halloween decorating.  #insurelocal  #spidersareourfriends