So your insurance agent is a Jets fan…

HVA Jets green

The first games of the NFL preseason are played today and we cannot wait!  You might not know this but we are NY Jets fans and it isn’t easy.  Luckily we have a lot of Hudson Valley residents to keep us company.  New York state has THREE NFL teams – NY Jets, NY Giants, and the Buffalo Bills, and while we will always root for Buffalo (when the Jets aren’t playing), we can’t seem to bring ourselves to cheer for the Giants.  Some of us are Jets fans because our families were fans, looking at you Dave Sr and Dave Jr, some of us are Jets fans because our significant other is a fan, and others just joined in because that was the only team they knew.

HVA football is back IMG_20160811_110126

Dave Jr, a Jets fan, shares his home with his fiancée (a New Orleans Saints fan) and her daughter (a Giants fan) and football is a very big deal for them.  The rivalry between Giants fans and Jets fans is legendary (if Wikipedia is to be believed) so you can imagine how it can be living with a Jet fan and a Giant fan under the same roof.  This made us wonder how/why people choose to follow one team or another?  We thought we would use social media as a way to figure out just how this happens.  So, share your favorite team and how it became your favorite team with us!  We don’t care if you are a Giants fan or a Dolphins fan (we might care if you are a Patriots fan but that’s for another blog) we just want to know which team you love and why!  #jetsfanforlife  #insurelocal