September is National Preparedness month, are you ready?

disaster plan

Most of us spend September preparing for back to school and the colder weather and that’s a good start to National Preparedness month but our preparations shouldn’t stop there. Today’s blog is about three ways to prepare for National Preparedness month.

Making a family disaster plan is probably one of the most overlooked items on the preparedness checklist. Without a family disaster plan how will family members who are not at home know where to go to meet up with other family members? Have a family meeting and set up everyone’s “In case of emergency” contact information on their cell phones. If your home or street has become unreachable due to flooding or fire make sure your family has another location to meet at and make every family member aware of how to reach that location.

Making a disaster plan that includes your pets is really important too. Keep a small bag of their food and any needed medications as well as their leashes and copies of their vaccine information in an easily accessible location. Keep cat carriers within easy reach. Your pets are family members and need to be included in your preparedness plans.

Sitting down with a local independent insurance agent is also a way to prepare for any disaster. Your insurance will help you rebuild your home and replace lost furnishings. Having your current insurance policies reevaluated can save you money and will ensure that you are carrying the correct amount of insurance coverage.

Hudson Valley Agent’s Veep, Dave Jr, is a firm believer in being prepared and he’s been in the insurance business long enough to know that a good insurance policy can make a huge difference to families who have been through a disaster. Call HVA today and get the peace of mind you deserve.