Safety tips for when your car breaks down

HVA break down info

Have you ever been driving on Route 84 and had your car start acting “funny”? Maybe your engine starts to make an odd noise or every single warning light on your dashboard lights up at the same time, or just had your car just stop working all together – what should you do? If I’m going to be honest about this I would have to tell you that my first instinct is to absolutely panic and my second instinct is to get as far off of the road as humanly possible. Today’s blog is about what you should do if your car breaks down, panicking is not on the list!

1- Move your car as far off of the road as is possible.

2- Turn on your hazard lights.

3- Do not exit the car unless it is safe to do so.

4- Place flares or warning triangles around your car to alert other drivers.

5- Make sure you know where you are and, if possible, what exits are nearby.

6- Use your cell phone to call for help.

7- Don’t panic.

Things to know before you break down

1- If you have AAA and plan on using it know that the you have to be with your car when the tow truck shows up.

2- Many insurance companies offer discounted or free towing. Call your insurance agent or check your policy before hitting the road.

Having your car break down is never ever fun and it almost always happens when you have fifty things to do. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that a tow truck is on its way is indescribable, especially if you happen to be broken down on the side of the highway in 90 degree heat with little one’s strapped into their car seats. If your insurance policy does not offer any form of towing assistance then you really need to call Hudson Valley Agents. Your insurance will not cover any of the repairs needed to get your car up and running again but being able to recoup some (or all) of the money you paid for towing can really help ease the financial burden.

Drive safely Hudson Valley. Remember to shop local, eat local, explore local, and insure local with HVA!