Renting A Car On Your Vacation? Read This First.

When you plan for a vacation, there is a lot to think about, where to go, what to see, how to get there, and what to do once you arrive. Exotic locals or short day trips, no matter where you go, you need a way to get there, and that is where insurance comes in.

Flying – Travel Insurance. There are different types of Travel Insurance, and you probably do not need most of it. A brief phone call or email to your insurance agent can tell you if your lost baggage is covered by your homeowners or renters insurance policies. Most high-end electronics are not covered by the average insurance policy, talk to your agent about a low-cost umbrella policy to fill in any coverage gaps.

Driving (your car) – Contact your agent for any questions you may have about towing, glass replacement, and any phone numbers you might need if you have an accident. If you are driving your car out of the country, you should know that your insurance coverage will follow you to Canada but not to Mexico.

Driving (rental car) – Everyone wants to know if they should or shouldn’t buy the insurance coverage that the rental agent attempts to bully you into purchasing. The truth is this, talk to your insurance agent AND your credit card company before you pick up your rental car. Find out what coverages carry over from your own car insurance so that you do not duplicate it. Many car rental companies charge hefty fees for minor damage, and the insurance coverage that you purchase from them might cover those fees when your regular insurance coverage does not.

Don’t let the sting of an accident or lost baggage ruin your family fun, a quick call or email to your insurance agent can make your entire trip so much more enjoyable.

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