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October is a big celebration month for HVA. Dave Sr, his beautiful wife Josephine, and his grandson Blake all have birthday’s in October and they are all right in a row. Dave Sr celebrated his 71rst on Tuesday, Blake turned 8 yesterday, and Josephine’s birthday is today! Last night everyone gathered together to celebrate and eat lots of cake. Family is important to them, important enough to make time to celebrate birthdays and all of life’s milestones or to just share a meal.

HVA happy birthday sr

We know just how important family is, after all Dave Sr and Dave Jr have been in business together for 25 years now! We work hard to make sure that your family has the best insurance coverage we can offer because protecting your family’s assets is important to us. The one insurance policy that is truly beneficial to families is often the one that is the least purchased and that is – Life Insurance.

HVA family

Life insurance is the one insurance policy that can ensure that your family can continue to celebrate birthdays and holidays in their own home. A good life insurance policy can be the difference between a college education or a job flipping burgers for your children yet it is the one insurance policy that most of us do not purchase.

Hudson Valley families need the financial security that a life insurance policy offers and we at HVA understand just how difficult and confusing purchasing life insurance can be. Our dedicated staff of professionals are always here to help you and your family with all of your insurance needs. Our two convenient locations (Middletown and Walden) make it easy to make payments or reevaluate your current insurance coverage. Our website is very user friendly and accessible on all smart phones and tablets too. Make your family part of our family and insure with Hudson Valley Agents today!