New York State Trivia

In honor of National Trivia Day, we have put together some NYS trivia that might surprise you!

New York, you either love it, or you hate it. When you tell someone that you are from New York, they always assume that you are from New York City, but New York State is so much more than Manhattan.

The largest National Park in the United States (not counting Alaska) is the Adirondack National Park; the park has 28 MILLION acres.

Seth Wheeler of Albany NY held the first patent for toilet paper in 1883. Yes, there is a correct way to hang it.

There is a right way to hand toilet paper!

Half Moon Cookies (aka Black & Whites) got their start in Utica NY in 1920 thanks to one Harry B Hemstrought.

The very first automobile insurance policy was written by Traveler’s Insurance Company on February 27, 1898, to a Dr. Truman Martin of Buffalo NY.

We can’t “insure” that these tidbits of information will help you win your next round of pub trivia, but we can ensure that your insurance coverage fits your needs, and your budget too. Happy National Trivia Day Hudson Valley! #carinsurance #insurelocal #independentinsuranceagency #HudsonValleyInsurance #NewYorkStateInsurance