Owning a Motorcycle: How to Prevent Theft

With the right precautions in place, having your motorcycle stolen is something you hope not to experience.  To ensure that your motorcycle stays in place, below are a few ideas to help keep your motorcycle secure.

Hide It
Maintain the motorcycle parked in a garage or a carport.  Motorcycles are small and can be parked in tighter spaces and if you do not have a garage, find an area where the motorcycle is not out in the open and can be hidden or sheltered. 

Lock It
Motorcycles come with steering locks that when turned, acts as a lock in a door. Locks make the movement and maneuvering of the bike hard to do and discourage theft.  If you are parking a motorcycle in a place where you can lock it to a fence or pole, do so.  Unfortunately, with a bit of manpower, a motorcycle can be stolen by just lifting it on or into another truck.  If the motorcycle is locked to something else, this creates another step and acts as a deterrent.

Alarm System
Installing an alarm system on your motorcycle is an inexpensive way to help deter thieves. Although there are many alarms on vehicles and motorcycles today, a loud noise provides an attraction that thieves do not want to be a part of.

Having the right type of insurance coverage is a step you don’t want to overlook in owning a motorcycle so that in the case of an unfortunate event, replacing your motorcycle is not on lockdown either. Call Hudson Valley Agents today, serving the Walden area, to discuss insurance options and costs for the motorcycle you own.