Motorcycle insurance discounts for Hudson Valley residents


The weather experts at Hudson Valley Weather have predicted that today we should have temps inching towards 60! Could Spring finally be creeping towards us? I saw my first sign of Spring this morning and it was not a robin, it was a motorcycle.

Yes Hudson Valley motorcycle weather is here once again so today’s blog focuses on motorcycle safety. One of the scariest things about motorcycles is seeing a rider wearing shorts and flip flops! That outfit screams “I’m a first time rider and probably have no idea what I’m doing, be afraid!” Wearing the proper gear can keep you united with your skin, don’t believe me? Watch this video from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation


If this is your first motorcycle be sure you sign up for the New York State Motorcycle Safety Program. You cannot sign up for any of their courses without already having your NYS Motorcycle Permit so head over to DMV first! Once you have completed the NYS Motorcycle Safety Program you could be eligible for motorcycle insurance discounts and you’ll have the basics for safe riding.

Insurance is a must have for every rider and there are many different motorcycle insurance discounts available to Hudson Valley residents. Remember, the type of motorcycle, age of the rider, and drivers license records all factor into your insurance costs. For further information about motorcycle insurance discounts in the Hudson Valley just call the Hudson Valley’s best family owned, independent insurance agent – Hudson Valley Agents 778-2141