Let’s talk taxes and health insurance



Hudson Valley Agents understands health insurance and Liberty Tax understands all of the tax penalties and tax deductions that pertain to health insurance and that is why having these two businesses share office space was such a great idea!  Open enrollment for health insurance ends on January 31rst and the tax penalty this year is steep – some individuals could be paying the government  upwards of $1,800 simply because they did not have health insurance.

Some would say that having to pay out $1,800 is much cheaper than the $2,900 a year they would pay out for health insurance.  Next year that tax penalty for not having health insurance will increase substantially and who knows what health insurance will cost.  Many people are willing to pay the penalty rather than purchase health insurance.

If you find that you need help signing up for health insurance before the open enrollment deadline please call our Middletown office, 845-673-5515.  If you need someone to do your taxes please call our Middletown office’s Liberty Tax number, 845-673-4300.  Save time and money with Liberty Tax and Hudson Valley Agents.  #youbelongatliberty  #insurelocal