Let’s talk about death and taxes


The majority of Americans are familiar with Ben Franklin’s quote about death and taxes, but the majority of Hudson Valley residents might not know that they can go to our Middletown office to purchase life insurance and get their taxes prepared or take a tax preparation class.  Liberty Tax and Hudson Valley Agents, where death went to meet taxes –


Dave Sr started out in the life insurance business with Prudential, and he is the proud owner/operator of a Liberty Tax franchise, thus making him the master of both death and taxes!  Have you ever wondered if the proceeds from a life insurance policy are considered taxable income?  Dave Sr knows the answer to that and many other tax and life insurance related questions!


Don’t do life without Liberty Tax –

Hudson Valley Agents and Liberty Tax, two ways to save your family time and money!  Dave Sr will be starting his Tax Preparation school soon, so if you are looking to earn some extra money this tax season, please give him a call at 845-673-4300.  To speak with Dave Sr about a free life insurance quote, please call 845-673-5515.  #libertytax  #insurelocal  #HudsonValleyAgents

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