The Hudson river’s own monster, Kipsy


The Hudson river is the crown jewel of New York state and it is said that it even has it’s own monster, Kipsy. Some say that Kipsy is just a myth, some say that the 2006 sightings were nothing more than a manatee (an overly large one at that), and still others say that Champ (of Lake Champlain fame) just comes by to visit. Could the Hudson river actually hide a sea monster?

The Hudson river starts at Lake Tear of the Clouds and travels 315 miles to the Atlantic ocean. The Hudson river is 200 feet deep at it’s deepest point, but is that deep enough to hide a sea monster? There are so many things to factor into the equation that I’m more than a little stumped.

The New York Times published a report about a sea serpent sighting on the Hudson river in Weehawken NJ on June 9th 1899. It seems that Kipsy has been around for quite some time doesn’t it? The New York Times reported sightings of a oversized manatee in 2006, I’m still wondering what in the world a manatee was doing checking out the Hudson river, aren’t they usually Florida dwelling creatures? The last reported sighting of Kipsy was supposedly in 2009, I can’t help but wonder who on earth was it reported to?

The Hudson Valley is filled with stories of things that just cannot be explained. Hudson Valley residents are used to hearing stories about haunted church yards and alien encounters (I’m looking at you Pine Bush) but there has been very little said about our sea monster. Is Kipsy just another Hudson Valley legend or is there really something unknown swimming around our river?

So before you and your boat head out for another glorious Hudson river boat season give your insurance agent a ring. Making sure that your boat insurance will cover sea monster attacks (or should this be river monster?) should be a priority. Call HVA for all of your boating insurance needs, and if you happen to snap a picture of Kipsy please share it with us!  BTW – there is supposed video of Kipsy, click here to see it, if you dare!