Keep the kids believing in Santa Claus

Remember how excited you were about Christmas when you were a little kid?  The trip to the mall to sit on Santa’s lap, leaving cookies and milk out on Christmas eve and doing your very best to stay awake long enough to catch him slipping gifts underneath the tree are some of our fondest childhood memories.  Finding out the truth about Santa Claus can take some of the magic from the holiday and finding ways to keep our tech-savvy kids believing in the man in the red suit can be challenging, to say the least.  We can’t “insure” that these tips and tricks will keep your little one’s faith in the man in the red suit alive and well but they certainly can’t hurt to try!

  • Check the official NORAD Santa Tracker on Christmas Eve so they can keep an eye on his progress
  • Use totally different wrapping paper for gifts from Santa
  • Leave half eaten carrots in the yard (reindeer need to eat too)
  • Download the Santa Spy Cam app (it’s so cool!)

We hope these tips help keep Santa Claus alive and well in your home and hearts for a few more years!

Remember to call your insurance agent after the holidays, those big ticket presents that Santa brought should be added to your homeowners or renters policy.  Here are our holiday hours

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