It’s Time To Talk About Life Insurance

Our boss and his wife had a close call the other morning. They were driving to our office in Walden, the average morning commute with the addition of occasional thunderstorms. Route 208 into New Paltz was wet, and there were puddles scattered across the asphalt. As they drove their Mini Cooper over Perrine’s Bridge, there was a 12 wheel truck coming towards them on their side of the road; they had nowhere to go except into the Wallkill River. At the very last possible second, the driver gained control and was able to swerve his vehicle into the proper lane.

This particular incident had the potential to be horrific, thankfully the reality is a much happier tale. This scare made David and Lisa realize it was a great thing they had life insurance, but it might be time to re-evaluate their life insurance needs, and it is time that you did as well.

We all know just how quickly life can change, and we know just how unprepared we all were for it. Life insurance is one way of preparing for your family’s future. Life insurance is the comfort of knowing that your family can go on without you. It is for them, not for you.

We work with some of the best life insurance companies around. Prudential, MetLife, William Penn, and TransAmerican, to name a few. No need to come to the office, we can get you started with a phone call.

*** A note from our President, David J Bonne ***

“Many life insurance policies are interest-sensitive, and since interest rates are at or near zero, most insurance carriers are taking a bath on the portion of your life insurance premium that gets invested in fixed-rate securities. Due to this, many companies will likely be looking to raise the rates for some life insurance policies going forward, for the first time since I can remember.”

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Life Insurance doesn’t have to be scary, and we can make it easy.