Is Your Fishing Pole Covered By Your Boat Insurance?

Are you getting your boat ready for the season this weekend? You’re not the only one!

We wanted to answer some of the questions that most people have about what their boat insurance covers. Some of these answers might be a bit shocking!

1- Your fishing pole and any other equipment that you bring onto your boat, is covered by your homeowners’ policy. Remember that your homeowners’ insurance coverage has limits to what it covers as well. Talk to your independent insurance agent about this before you put your new fish finder on the boat.
2- The average boat insurance policy does not cover towing. If you have ever had your ship break down in the middle of the Hudson River, then you know just how expensive it is to have a boat towed, do not count on your policy to cover this unless you purchased the additional coverage.
3- Additional coverage for a little something called “Hurricane haul-out provisions” is available with some companies. This added coverage will take care of expenses incurred when scrambling to get your boat out of the water during a hurricane.
4- Many insurance companies will offer discounts for things like ship to shore radios, and Coast Gaurd approved fire extinguishers.
5- You can bundle your boat, auto, and homeowners insurance for an even more substantial discount!

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