Is Wedding Insurance worth it?


Lately, there has been a lot of talk about weddings in our Walden office.  Ashley is engaged and so is Dave Jr, so all of this wedding talk comes as no surprise.  What is surprising is the fact that many Hudson Valley couples do not factor wedding insurance into their wedding budget!

The Hudson Valley has become an actual wedding destination paradise, and that doesn’t surprise us one bit.  The views, the farm to table food choices, the locally distilled spirits and craft beers give every wedding a sense of community and individuality (something that could never be pulled off anywhere else in the country), and that keeps couples coming back to visit year after year.  The weather in the Hudson Valley can be a bit unpredictable, remember that Nor’Easter in October 2011?  The ever-present possibility of another October Nor’Easter is a pretty good reason to invest in wedding insurance.

Wedding insurance generally covers 3 of the major reasons a wedding is canceled or postponed

  • Wedding cancellation due to death or illness
  • Wedding cancellation due to Military Service
  • Wedding cancellation due to inclement weather or natural disaster

The average cost of wedding insurance premium is incredibly reasonable, and the peace of mind it brings is priceless.  Dave Jr can help you with all of your wedding insurance needs, and he can explain how your wedding could change your auto, renters, and homeowners insurance needs, 845-778-2141.  #insurelocal  #hudsonvalleyagents