Insuring your boat or small watercraft

Warmer weather takes hold this week and that means it’s time we talked about insuring your boat or personal watercraft!

The chances are good that your current homeowners policy already covers property damage for your canoe or small sailboat, but that coverage does not cover liability.  You can usually add an endorsement to your policy to cover liability, it depends on your carrier and the size of your watercraft.  Personal watercraft, yahts, and boats with high horsepower engines need their own insurance coverage.

Fear not, my boating friends, for boat insurance can be affordable and there are discounts for things like:

  • Coast Guard approved fire extinguishers
  • Bundling home/auto/boat
  • Ship to shore radios
  • Safety courses

Ashley is our in-house boat insurance expert & she’s available anytime Monday thru Friday from 9-5.  Can’t make it to our Walden office?  No worries, just go to our website; for a free quote.

Happy boating Hudson Valley!

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