Insuring the Batmobile

im batman

One of the 3 original Batmobile is coming to the NYC Historical Society on October 9th and after reading this article I found myself wondering just what it would cost to insure the Batmobile.

Let’s look at the Batmobile the same way an insurance company would.

Age of the driverBruce Wayne first donned the Batman hood in 1939 making him 76. If he uses the same insurance company he might not have a rate increase due to his age but if he’s shopping around he would definitely find that his rates are higher due to his age. (Please note that I’m ignoring the chance that Robin would ever be allowed to drive this car)

Area in which the car is driven – Gotham is a pretty rough city, lots of crime and vandalism, insurance rates would reflect this. On the other hand he does live fairly close to where he works and his rates could reflect a low mileage deduction.

Type of Car/cost of replacement – The Batmobile is a custom car and custom cars sometimes need specialty insurance. Add to that the cost of insuring all of the bells and whistles that must have been custom installed: The Bat Beam, closed circuit camera, and didn’t he have something that released grease onto the roads? The cost of reinstalling these items is enough to make any insurance agent cringe. Wait a second, is the Batmobile even street legal?

Driving record – This is an unknown component. Did Commissioner Gordon ignore Batman’s speeding tendencies? What about all of the cars he’s sideswiped and did not stop to leave notes on? I do not think we can truly evaluate this until we speak to Commissioner Gordon himself.

I called Dave Jr at Hudson Valley Agent’s Walden office and asked him what he thought Batman’s insurance premiums would be. We discussed everything that factors into the calculations and decided that Batman would have to self insure. His alter ego, Bruce Wayne is a millionaire and surely he can afford to repair or replace it! Perhaps if Batman didn’t “drive it like he stole it” HVA could find him affordable car insurance but sadly even we have our limitations.

Luckily you and I do not drive Batmobiles and Hudson Valley Agents can insure your car easily. Call us today 778-2141.