Insurance & the college student


All across the Hudson Valley high school seniors are gearing up for graduation. Parents everywhere are planning graduation parties and preparing themselves for that day when their child leaves for college! The one thing that almost every single parent forgets to put on their “to do” list is – CALL YOUR INSURANCE AGENT!

Health insurance, car insurance, and renters insurance are all subject that need to be addressed before your college bound child sets off on their newest adventure and that’s why a call to your insurance agent is an absolute must, here’s why –

– Many colleges require that incoming students prove that they have health insurance coverage, if they are not covered by your health insurance they will have to purchase it through their college.

– Most homeowners insurance policies will cover your college student’s possessions but there might be limits. Check with your agent to see if you need to purchase an insurance rider or renters insurance. Cell phones, laptops, tablets, and printers can be very expensive to replace.

– Will your college bound child be taking their own car with them to an out of state college or will their car remain home? Call your agent to find out if you need to make any changes to your car insurance policy.

A call to your insurance agent could actually save you money (believe it or not). There are discounts for good grades, multiple vehicles, multiple policies with the same company, and more but many insurance companies do not automatically give you these discounts you have to ask for them.

Parents have a lot to plan for when it comes to their college bound children and sometimes we forget to protect our assets by insuring them properly. Take five minutes out of your already busy day and give the insurance professionals at Hudson Valley Agents a call. They’ll reevaluate your current insurance policies and find you great coverage with great prices and they’ll make sure you get all of the insurance discounts you deserve!