Insurance and financial planning


Insurance and Financial Planning should go hand in hand, notice we said “should,” all too often people leave insurance out of their economic planning, and that can leave you dealing with unwanted financial stress.  October 3- 7 is National Financial Planning week, and we have some insurance related financial tips we would like to share with you.

  • Meet with your insurance agent at least once a year to go over your existing coverage.  Marriage, divorce, new baby, new car, renovations, these are all things that impact your insurance needs and if they are not addressed you can find yourself either overinsured (spending more $$ than necessary on insurance) or underinsured (not having enough $$ to repair or replace damaged home/car/big ticket items).
  • Insuring your home for the real estate value and not the cost of rebuilding.  Real estate prices go up and down, as do building costs.  If you insure for real estate value and the market is down you might not have enough money to repair or rebuild your home should disaster strike.
  • Your family’s continued financial security is important; it is imperative that you and your spouse have life insurance policies!  Choosing the right type of policy is important and something that should be discussed with your insurance agent.

Planning for your family’s financial future is easy when you insure with Hudson Valley Agents.  Our insurance professionals are always here to provide you with excellent insurance coverage, reasonable insurance rates, outstanding customer service, a free app for Android and iPhone, and an easy to navigate website.  #financialplanning  #insurelocal