I clicked on an ad for low cost NY insurance and saved money


Car insurance is not the most interesting of topics, as a neophyte insurance blogger I spend a lot of time trying to write about topics that most people don’t care to know too much about. They purchase their insurance, they pay their premiums, and they usually never think about it again until they either buy a new car or have to make a claim. A lot can change as we move through life and having your insurance needs reevaluated is something we rarely think about. I never once thought about it and it ended up costing me almost two thousand dollars.

When my husband and I split up I changed my name, changed my internet passwords, my bank, and my address but I never changed insurance agents. We both kept the same insurance company and the same agent and that fact cost me exactly $1,875.00. I called my insurance agent the very day I moved into my new apartment to purchase renters insurance and to change the address on my car insurance. My agent was very kind, she congratulated me on my new place and told me that my payments would be less now that I had moved further upstate. She even remarked that my ex-husband had called the same day to change his address on his policy. I thought I had taken care of everything and never thought about it again.

One day I came across an ad for low cost NY insurance and thought it might not be a bad idea to find out if I could save a few dollars on my car insurance. I picked up the phone and called Hudson Valley Agents. David Bonne looked over my policy and found that I was being penalized for my ex husband’s poor driving habits! I was no longer living with the lead footed, accident prone man but I was being charged the same insurance rates as if I still were! So much for that discount I was promised.

My original car insurance policy was with a big name, heavily advertised, insurance company and I will never go back. Hudson Valley Agents provides me with stellar car insurance coverage at reasonable prices and they work with insurance companies that don’t flood my brain with their advertising jingles. The best part, when my rates went up last year they found me the exact same coverage for less money with a New York based insurance company! I get great service from a family owned independent insurance agency that has decades of insurance experience, what more could you ask for from an insurance agent?

Having Hudson Valley Agents look over my car insurance policy was one of the smartest things I have ever done. Do yourself a favor and have your insurance needs reevaluated sooner rather than later, the money you save will be well worth it.