HVA Staff – Introducing Kathy

Kathy L

Call Hudson Valley Agents Walden office and the chances are pretty good you’ll hear Kathy Livingston say – “It’s a great day at HVA, how can I help you?” When Kathy’s at work it is always a great day!

Kathy has been with Hudson Valley Agents for twenty-five years, and if we are lucky she’ll be here for another thirty or more! She began her HVA career as a receptionist and then worked hard for her insurance license. Her can-do attitude and cheery disposition are the reason so many of our clients make a point of stopping by just to say “Hi”. She is the backbone of our Walden office and we would be lost without her.

Kathy was born in Utica NY, but she raised her family right here in the Hudson Valley. She’s a mom, a grandmother, and active member of her church, a supporter of the Red Cross, and an avid crochet artist. When she’s not busy solving the Hudson Valley’s insurance questions or playing with her grandchildren she explores the Hudson river waterfront. Whenever she gets a chance to sit down and relax she does so with a comfy chair and a good book.

Kathy is an important member of the HVA family, she’s been with us since we began and has helped us grow. She patiently puts up with Dave Jr’s antics (he’s quite the practical joker and Kathy is a saint), handles Dave Sr’s questions and query’s, trains our new employees, and keeps our office tidy. Kathy is the best. Stop by HVA’s Walden office or give us a call at 778-2141 and let Kathy help you with all of your Hudson Valley insurance needs. Thanks for everything you do Kathy, we love you!