HVA know how + Car insurance=Great rates for you!


There are many different factors that go into tallying up what you pay for car insurance every month:
– The length of your daily work commute
– Where you live
– How much your car will cost to repair or replace
– Your driving record
– Your credit rating

You can help keep costs down by doing things like:
– Carpooling
– Paying your bills on time
– Driving the speed limit

When you initially speak to an insurance agent about car insurance the agent should ask you for these things before quoting you:
– Your name, date of birth, and social security number
– The age and make of your car
– Your drivers license ID number
– Your address
– If anyone else in your home will be driving your car
– Your marital status


The only way to accurately create your car insurance contract is to have all of the facts. If your agent is not fully aware of your insurance needs you can (and probably will) end up with an insurance policy that offers inadequate coverage (either too much or too little). No one wants to find out that they are underinsured and who wants to pay for added insurance coverage that you don’t really need? This is why you really need to talk to an actual live person and not just plug some bare bones information into an internet insurance search site. Classic cars, high performance cars, and some luxury cars are insured differently than the average Chevy or Kia. Work trucks and vans also have different insurance needs.

It is very tempting to just hop on your phone, tablet, or laptop and sign up for car insurance while you sip coffee in your pj’s isn’t it? No need to get dressed, no need to talk to a human being, it makes things easy but is the ease of purchasing what might be a substandard insurance policy going to be worth it when you find out that your insurance won’t cover the car accident your son just got into because you didn’t know that you needed to list him on your policy as an occasional driver? No one needs that kind of stress.

When you sit down with an insurance professional from Hudson Valley Agents you get more than just an insurance policy. Our staff is highly trained and we work with many different insurance companies so we can always find you the best insurance coverage with rates that are affordable. Great insurance coverage that is internet friendly and comes with a real live team of insurance professionals, what else could you ask for from a family owned independent insurance agency? If your car insurance rates are out of control give us a call at 845-778-2141.