Hudson Valley winters are cold, keep your pets warm!

Keep your pets warm this winter

Hudson Valley winters can be brutally cold and windy, not to mention icy and snowy, and our pets need extra care during these cold months.  We are all dog and cat lovers here at Hudson Valley Agents and we don’t want our furry friends forgotten so here are a few tips to help get them safely through the winter.

  • NEVER leave your dog or cat outdoors for an extended period of time in the winter.  A fur coat does not mean that they do not get cold or frostbitten.
  • Take shorter walks when the temps dip below freezing and always wipe down their paws when you get home.  Deicing agents can be hazardous to their skin and could poison them should they lick their paws.
  • Cold weather can be dehydrating, make sure your dog or cat has access to clean fresh water.
  • Clean up any antifreeze spills quickly.  The main ingredient in most antifreeze is sweet tasting and deadly to dogs and cats.
  • Check your wheel wells and engine compartment before starting your car (or just bang loudly on the hood).  Stray cats and other small critters like to hide in these places to get out of the elements and be as close to the heat from the car engine as possible.
  • If you see a cat or dog that has been left outside in the cold tell someone!  Your local animal control officer, animal shelter, or police department should be able to assist.

We know just how harsh our Hudson Valley winters can be on us, imagine how difficult it is for a cat or a dog!  Keep them safe and warm and if you do not currently have a dog or cat to keep warm please consider adopting from any of the Hudson Valley’s many shelters.  Having a pet in your life can “insure” that you live longer and can decrease your blood pressure as well.  Pets aren’t a substitute for health insurance but if you need health insurance remember that open enrollment ends January 31.  Call Dave Sr in our Middletown office for all of your health insurance needs – 845-673-5515.  Stay warm Hudson Valley!