Hudson Valley boat insurance

HVA boat insurance

Some one once said that “Life is always better on a boat” and I happen to agree with that statement. One of the best things about life in the Hudson Valley is the Hudson river and summer and fall is when the views are best and life is good. Owning a boat in the Hudson Valley means that you get to enjoy life on the water with your friends and family and that’s an investment that can’t be beat. Protecting your leisure time asset with the correct amount of boat insurance can be as challenging as navigating the Hudson river and HVA is here to help.

The amount of boat insurance you need depends on the type of boat you own. A canoe or small sail boat could be covered by your homeowners policy (or renters policy) so talk to your insurance agent or take the time to read your policy. Some homeowners policies will even cover your boat trailer as well. You do not have any liability coverage if you rely on your homeowners or renters insurance policy for insurance coverage.

Larger boats and yachts require a separate insurance policy that can specifically address all of the incidents that could happen while boating. You can choose a policy that pays an agreed upon amount should your boat be rendered unusable or you can choose a policy that pays out the actual cash value of your boat at the time of the accident. Once again this is a decision you should make after speaking with an insurance agent. Both types of policies usually do not cover things like mold or damage from zebra mussels. Your boat insurance should include liability coverage and coverage for property damage, guests, and medical coverage for any injuries. If you have expensive fishing gear, fancy gadgets, or a special motor you should make sure that these items are also covered in your policy. Many insurance companies offer discounts for things like diesel engines, boating safety classes, ship to shore radios, and more. Your insurance agent should be able to tell you which discounts you are available.

The US Coast Guard’s website has a list of boating safety courses and boating safety regulations that every boat owner should know. You should also make sure you know who to call if your boat should have mechanical problems while on the Hudson river so make sure you have Sea Tow‘s phone number handy. Before you head out the river make sure that you have everything you need, life jackets, sunscreen, and excellent insurance coverage from the Hudson Valley’s best independent insurance agency – Hudson Valley Agents!