Choosing a Hudson Valley Contractor


It seems that the Hudson Valley might have a truly soggy spring once Old Man Winter loosens his hold. Once all of this snow finally melts we will finally be able to get a clear picture of the damage this harsh winter has caused. I already have my contractor on speed dial I am just hoping that he will be able to get to me because Spring is every contractor’s busy season.

Choosing a contractor can be tricky work, we have all heard stories about contractor’s from hell and that is why we will wait almost forever for the one’s we trust to become available! The Insurance Information Institute has created a video guide to choosing a contractor and it has some great tips –

If you find that your home has suffered damage due to the horrendous cold, wind, snow, and ice make sure to call your insurance agent. Making a homeowners insurance claim should not be a difficult process and that is the reason the insurance gurus at the Insurance Information Institute created this video –

Start asking friends and family for contractor references sooner rather than later, this way you won’t have to make any emergency repairs without having done your research. If friends and family are unable to help give a try (I found a great gutter guy through them!). Hudson Valley Agents insures many local contractors and we offer same day certificates of insurance, easy payment plans, and insurance discounts when you combine commercial auto insurance with your contractors insurance, and even further discounts for your tools and workers comp! There are insurance discounts for Hudson Valley contractors and HVA has them all! We offer great coverage at low rates for every aspect of your life, home, auto, health, and business too.