How do I insure my classic car?


Restoring and driving classic and antique cars is a very rewarding and expensive pastime, and it is pretty darn popular in the Hudson Valley.

When you insure a classic or antique car there are several things you need to keep in mind:

1- Classic or Antique car insurance can limit how often or how far you drive your car.  This is not a problem for most people because they only take these fantastic old cars out for car shows, pleasure drives, and classic car meetings.  Discuss your mileage needs with your independent insurance agent.

2- If your car is not entirely restored some companies will not insure you.  Speak to your independent insurance agent about the state of your car.

3- Different insurance companies have different definitions of what makes a car a classic or an antique.  Have your independent insurance agent find an insurance company that fits your car and your budget.

There are many other things to consider when insuring your classic or antique car so contacting the insurance experts at Hudson Valley Agents is a must.   Call HVA for a free quote today and remember to #insurelocal!