Have you been to Kingston or Beacon lately?



Those of us who live in the Hudson Valley know just what an amazing and diverse place this truly is. We revel in our proximity to the mountains, the Hudson River, and New York City and we are fiercely loyal to our cities, towns, and villages. We are home to the best restaurants, music, art, and outdoor beauty in the state!!! The Hudson Valley is perfect and it is getting better every single day.

We have two cities that are gaining a lot of mention in the press recently for being “The New Brooklyn”, I’m talking to you Beacon and Kingston! As a Kingston resident I find the idea of becoming “The New Brooklyn” terrifying and exciting. As a Hudson Valley resident all I can say is “I always knew this was the best place to live, let me show you around!”. We could not stay the under rated diamond in New York’s crown forever, people were bound to discover what we all knew years ago – the Hudson Valley is a great place to live and work.

Kingston and Beacon are our valley’s current hot spots and here’s why –

Beacon has a great art scene, the Dia is a huge draw. There is a plethora of restaurants and bars. It’s a hipsters paradise and I have never seen so many perfectly groomed beards in my lifetime! Having the Town Crier leave it’s home in Pawling for Beacon’s Main street helped boost the city’s music scene. It’s a wonderful day trip and only a 59 minute trip from Grand Central, plus there’s the added bonus of Beacon having its own stop on Metro North! Why wouldn’t people leave NYC to visit Beacon? Beacon was a kind of scary place in the early 1990’s, it is nice to see how the community came together and welcomed new businesses to the city. I’m really proud of you Beacon, kudos!

Kingston is just perfect. I live here so I can say that, and I find that I say it so often I have begun to feel more like a cheerleader than a neophyte insurance blogger! We have a rich history, after all we are the original capital of NYS, and even IBM’s closing did not fully bring this city to it’s knees. We have a thriving uptown district thanks to organizations like KUBA (Kingston Uptown Business Association) and a thriving waterfront district as well! Keegan Ales is our brewery and BSP is our go to music and arts venue. We have one of Esquire’s top rated bars, The Stockade Tavern, and museums and art galleries galore! Kingston has wine bars (like The Elephant), gastropubs (Frogmore Tavern) and many of our restaurants embrace the farm to table movement (too many to list). Kingston’s art scene is phenomenal and the O+ Festival as well as the independent galleries just part of it. We are perfectly situated between Manhattan and Albany via the NYS Thruway, just a short 97.1 miles from Grand Central and 56 miles from Albany. Sadly we do not have direct access to public transportation to Manhattan, for that we must travel to Poughkeepsie or Beacon if the Poughkeepsie Metro North lot is filled. Public transportation can get you around Kingston but you can easily walk from the waterfront to uptown.

The Hudson Valley is a very special place and it has been heartwarming seeing the positive changes that Beacon and Kingston have made. Many people have invested their blood sweat and tears to create communities that they can be proud of and those investments should be protected. Hudson Valley Agents is the Hudson Valley’s best independent insurance agency and they work with New York state based insurance companies. They can make sure you have the best insurance coverage to protect your Hudson Valley home or business. They even insure events and festivals! So shop locally, eat locally and insure locally! #movetokingstonnow #insure local #HudsonValleylove