Good News for Hudson Valley Filmmakers!

HVA movie board

Movies are being made all over the Hudson Valley, and Hudson Valley Agents wants to be a part of the magic!  We recently began working with PHLY, an insurance company that offers some of the best insurance coverage for filmmakers that we have ever seen.  How fortuitous that the very day we begin working with PHLY  our SMM stumbled upon a movie being made in Kingston when she went out for lunch today.


fair st movie 1

fair st movie 2

This unknown film production is not the only movie production that will be filming in the Hudson Valley/Kingston area.  Stella May Productions has been working on “They All Drank the Water” and Newburgh has become a film production paradise recently!  It seems that the film world has recently fallen in love with the Hudson Valley, and we couldn’t be happier!

So if you are making a film in New York state or you know someone who is, please call Dave Jr at Hudson Valley Agents today.  Insuring all aspects of filmmaking in the Hudson Valley just became a whole lot easier!  #insurelocal